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November 22, 2003 @ Oakland Box Theater Oakland, Ca BAY ATTENTION
The homecoming show that we deserved. Although our set was merely 20 minutes long, DJ Drew, Ajaxx, Lush-One (despite having a sore throat), and Complex tore through some of the hardest Delmon bangers ever crafted. We rocked one of our largest crowds ever and had the place jumping. The box is an ill ass venue with very rootsy and powerful vibes that we will continue to perform at throughout the years. Figuratively speaking, Delmon tore the roof off the motherfucka and The Attik burned the entire house down right after us. A definite success with a lot of beautiful women in the crowd. Big up Ken, N.A.T.E., Aphasiatics, Relic, Binghi Ghost, and Street Scholars for droppin gems on the mic. View pics from the show here.

October 29, 2003 @ Club Galia San Francisco, Ca
This show went significantly better then the week before. The crowd was a little bigger and more energetic (despite the fact that some of our underage patrons were kicked out by scrutinizing security) then previous, and our set ran a lot more smoothly. Complex and Lush's performance of "Orchestrated" had the crowd going off, and a long freestyle cypher featuring some of the illest wordsmiths out of Delmon and The Attik filled the rooms with dazzling impromptu metaphors. These SF shows are the beginning of a beautiful collaboration with The Attik that will hopefully continue for years to come. EAST BAY!!! View pics from the show here.

October 22, 2003 @ Club Galia San Francisco, Ca
This was our first show in the city as well as our first 21 and over show. Being an East Bay crew with a predominantly under 21 fanbase, we felt somewhat out of our element. The crowd was appreciative, yet rather sparse and the sound quality was abysmal (mics were cutting out and our fuckin beat cd was skipping). We made the best of the circumstances and ripped shop to the best of our abilities. Props to our homies The Attik and Mind Complex who had stellar outings and put up with the same bullshit that we did at that show. Also props to Raechal for supporting us during good times and bad. Its fans/friends like that give me hope the culture.

September 28th @ The Oasis Theatre Oakland, Ca
An intimate affair for true heads only. Irie vibrations, barbecue, and Nigerian food provided a suitable companion for another 3 set all Delmon extravaganza. Highlights included Pitt joining Outspoken for an extended beatboxing set which included a cover of "Wu-tang Clan Aint Nuttin ta Fuck Wit" with Lush-One on vocals, as well as Shadowmonk's inspirational renditions of "Word for Word" and "Sacrifice". As usual, DJ Progress smoothed out the transitions with his seamless blends and turntable dexterity. Although many in attendance were drunk, some young b-boys (Lamont's little cousins) gave us sobering hope for the next generation of hip-hoppers. Big up Terms One from the OMT crew. View pics from the show here.

September 13, 2003 @ Albertson's Rooftop Oakland, Ca FUNBOX TOUR '03
One of the highlights thus far of Delinquent Monastery. A free outdoor end of summer time event that combined skateboarding and all of the elements of hip-hop, including 3 hour long sets of Delmon bangers. 400 some odd spectators soaked up the good vibes and got a phat dose of culture for that ass. From Ajaxx's opening acapella "Pour Libations" to the last note of "Revolutionary Music", the energy was intense and positive. This show marked Professor Pitt's inaugural performance as a Delmon member. It was also Complex's 21st birthday. A truly spectacular day and I put that on the handshake.

July 5, 2003 @ Veteran's Hall Santa Cruz, Ca
The show that never happened...FUCK ALL UNORGANIZED VENUES THAT SLEPT ON US!! A definite low point in morale for the crew.

May 29, 2003 @ Chabot College Hayward, Ca
A show so underpromoted that it seemed like there was as many people in our entourage as there were in the entire audience. Sound quality so shitty we couldn't hear our own beats playing while we spit. A crowd so ignorant they consider 50 Cent and Juvenille to be "real hip-hop"...this show was funny. In the end, an acapella version of Complex and Lush-One's anti-government anthem "Revolutionary Music" silenced all haters within the vicinity. Thanks for hookin up such a phat show Nate (haha!)

April 19, 2003 @ Bjornson Hall East Oakland, Ca-
Our final show at Bjornson due to the fact that some retard tagged up the bathroom and the lady that ran the joint saw an ad for the show in SF Guardian (big up DJ Drew) when it was supposed to be a "small intimate affair". Sets from AC Mac left female fans so wet they needed diapers as they shrieked like rabid Beatle-maniacs. Complex and Ajaxx had jaw-dropping sets as they charismatically ran through classic tracks like "Hotspittable", "Punchlines for Sale", and "Lyrical Release". This show also marked the official induction of the Chosen Ones Collective (Shadowmonk, Wisecrack the Scribe, Alias, and Lush-One) into the monastery. Despite some unnecessary funk, it was a definite success. Props to ATG for capping off the evening with his slept-on banger "Day to Day" and Epic Center for opening up the show with some leftfield insight. Hosted by Kirby Dominant of Kemetic Sons.

February 19, 2003 @ Bjornson Hall East Oakland, Ca-
The first official Delmon show was in an under-utilized church basement which was transformed into a dope underground venue. Hosted by Boots Riley of seminal bay area hip-hop outfit The Coup, this show announced the arrival of a hungry new breed of MCs and left fans salivating for more.

JUNE 2002 @ The Speak Easy Theatre Berkeley, Ca-
The now legendary show which predates the existence of the Delinquent Monastery Crew. Intimate atmosphere and ill microphone mastery courtesy of Prophetic Rituals (AC Mac & Complex) as well The Ability Originals. The lure of an open mic attracted future Delmon icons The Outspoken beatbox crew as well as an unknown battle MC known as Lush. The now infamous battle he had with Ajaxx is riddled with controversy and debate and will be part of Delmon folklore for years to come (Ajaxx won the battle).
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