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"Revolutionary Music" by Complexity and Lush-One

Monastery Delinquent minds on the brink of evolution
Insync with Revolution, re-think your shit solution
Cause your shit solutions pollution to my mental environment
Greedy corrupt cracker's hell fire sent
To scorch the earth and suck resources dry like a desert
To only accomodate the likes of white collared shirts
And its worth, what, nothing to me
This shits funny to me
Fox news and MSNBC is comedy
But I'm not hearing laughs, in response, I'm hearing cries
Cause they ain't telling jokes on this channel they're telling lies
And they send troops to fight with veils of deception over their eyes
Claiming to fight for what's right, when the true motive is disguised
Dads and Moms, Janes Johns Rachaels and Rons
They're searching for nukes when we're the ones who dropped the A-bomb
For Nagasaki and Hiroshima 
I chug the saki-
Sip the zima pour out a little Rossi
I'm like Marley, Public Enemy, and Dead Prez
With a scope up on the roof aimed at the vice prez head
Screaming "fuck Dick", Cheney has his head up Powell's colon
And I"m burning George's bush with revolutionary gun smokin
A revolutionary token of history
Kidnappin the president, make him the latest scene on unsolved mysteries
Give him the boot like Italy did Sicily
Approached with heat specifically make Bush vanish ever so mystically
Held for ransome, Bush tied up giving head to handguns
And watching this man die the reason my reward is handsome
Revolutionary music pumping through my samsung
Drownng out sounds of shouts louder then mics to snare drums
And when the secret service finds us all they'll find is redrum
Followed by shots of rage, a barrage of lyrical beblam
And on the frontlines, I'm causing more death then cancer
Thats what they get for fuckin with 2003's black panther

its revolutionary music....

Flow syllable sentence politcal tension I mention
Spit it to my bretheren hope they don't miss the message a blessing
Ritual lessons condition critical US testing
The systems and weapons of Iraq terrorist henchmen
In the military children very young carry guns
Each and everyone perish son, bury them
In the cemetery rest the deceased and neglected
The press feeding us lies through the media perception
Saddam Hussein denies to the people he hides
Biochemical bombs designed with genocide in mind
And nuclear war heads to leave even more dead
Whats next?  The earth gets sucked into a a vortex
America keeps frontin' like them cats are up to something
Cooking up some propaganda for the public's consumption, nothing but bluffing
Lying in the name of God
So I always take what they say with a grain of salt
Stare at the sky and pray one day the rain will fall
To wash away the wrong til the pain is gone, remain calm
They don't separate church and state
Observe the hate on rise like Oaklands murdering rate
In this urban maze designed to leave us disturbing and strange
Some blaze purple haze til they're blurred in the brain, man
We're just victims of the system locked in invisible prisons
I seek the spirit within to teach them with lyricism
Sparking mad izm like Channel Live, the samurai
Agonizing pain feeds the flames of battle cries
Rattled by vietnam vets and needless deaths
I shout-out to those, never mentioned CBS
Cause we be fresh, the revolutionary monks
The next stage in evolution executing you punk, politicians
The underground downfall of the system
I'll die a martyr for my cause inherit God's kingdom (for the most high)

Its revolutionary music...