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hailing from deep east oakland, ca, complex is the essence of a true mc. his songs are full of intricate wordplay and deep, thought-provoking insight. complex is the wise man sitting on top of a mountain who can shatter your eardrums by merely snapping his finger. utilizing his pistolarynx, plex dazzles crowds with his inhuman breath control.

tracks include: [da temple] [pistolarynx] [sunsprint] [wake up to this] [sound explosion] [orchestrated]


also known as "the fly one" of the clique, ajaxx combines side-splitting humor and tales of the urban struggle with on-point delivery. he has ridiculed many mc's with his ferocious battle tactics, and can charm the drawers off your mama. his devastating punchlines are rivaled by few, and adored by all.

tracks include: [da temple] [wack mc genocide] [hot shit]


hailing from los angeles, ca, this versatile mc combines political / social insight with a battle-ready b-boy swagger. he was a semi-finalist in the ultimate mc competition held at the black box theater in february 2003, and continues on his perpetual pursuit of shattering any mc that comes within his vicinity. one of the illest freestyle mc's around.

tracks include: [consequences] [da temple] [paranoid prophet] [wack mc genocide] [magnifique] [unfuckwitable] [every day] [abusers of the elements] [orchestrated] [cyphernaught] [provocative]


an intelligent young mc / beat-maker who crafts songs with advanced structure, rapid-fire delivery, and melodic hooks, his talent is only outweighed by his modesty. don't sleep.

tracks include: [consequences] [keep on flyin] [cyphernaught] [provocative]


from west oakland, ca, this well-travelled man of the world is the true manifestation of a conscious mc. he speaks for all who are oppressed, and transcends all boundaries.

tracks include: [sacrifice]

wisecrack the scribe

a visitor from another galaxy, no information is available on this enigmatic figure, other than the fact that he formed the chosen ones collective with fellow members lush-one, shadowmonk, and alias.

tracks include: [cyphernaught]

dj progress

a dj with razor-sharp turntable skills who cuts with the intensity of a samurai. he has also been known to hop on the mic and school mc's when necessary. look out for his up and coming mix tape.

dj drewski

co-founder of delinquent monastery, dj, manager, as well as president of subtraction productions, drew is a true renaissance man. a motivated hip-hop soldier who rocks parties throughout the bay.

outspoken (stark naked & natty sacks)

in the tradition rahzel and biz markie, these cats truly make music with their mouths. the crew's beatboxers, who are often the highlight of the show with their impromptu antics, they also provide the background for countless freestyle cyphers.

tracks include: [sound explosion] [natsaxbeatbox]

ac mac

mad scientist, beatmaker, and mc, ac is a true hip-hop genius. his sound is original and undefinable. he is truly a unique mind, and loyal friend.

tracks include: [wake up to this] [provocative]

professor pitt

hailing from milwaukee, wi, pitt is a superhuman b-boy soldier, who has mastered all the elements of hip-hop, as well as various martial arts disciplines. his dvd, "the dynasty," is currently available at amoeba records, and features hip-hop legends dj q-bert and hieroglyphics.